3389th pilot training squadron

keesler air force base, biloxi, mississippi

1967 - 1973

~ CLASSES - 1970 ~

~ CLASS 70-01 ~

~ CLASS 70-04 ~


~ CLASS 70-04 ~




After going through the intensive courses of English Language at Lackland AFB, Physiological Training at Brooks AFB and the one with the most fun for us...Parasail Training at Randolph AFB, we finally started what we awaited so eagerly...pilot training.

On March 17, 1969, we put our first steps into the “D Element” flight room to start our T-41/T-28A/T-28D Program.  At the beginning of the course, it was what you call in your language...“tough”, but we worked to overcome the hardships in order to earn our wings, and we did.

Every day we heard the encouraging expressions from our instructors, “Don’t be a pussycat, be a tiger; don’t let the A/C fly you; you fly it.  Think ahead of the A/C; otherwise, you’ll be behind.  Just think about what you are doing and you’ll make it.”

After much sweat and effort we soloed (the first step to climb the huge, steep mountain) and after that we continued on successfully to complete all phases of training - instruments, navigation, formation and contact.

We received our wings and pilot ratings; and we feel very proud of ourselves and will never forget the moment.  But behind all this is a question:  How come we became pilots in such a short time and by studying in a different language?  Well, here is the logical answer:  Thank the US Government and the IP’s who helped us by applying their efforts and by doing their best to help us succeed.  We have little or nothing to offer in return except to say, “Thank you very much and we will never forget that because of you, today we are pilots.”

We hope the friendships between the US, the different countries we are from and the other free countries of the world continue forever in a world of peace.


Lt Luis Vidal Recalde D - Paraguay

2/Lt Mohammad Hashem Abdalla - Jordan

2/Lt Marwan Sabri Dahleh - Jordan

2/Lt Hussien A Hussien Bassbouss - Jordan

2/Lt Mhmoud Ahmad Mah’d - Jordan

2/Lt Soud Ahmad Nusairat - Jordan

2/Lt Qdlah Ahmad Moh’d - Jordan

2/Lt Ghazi Mohammad N Rajab - Jordan

W/O Pradith Phone-Asa - Laos

A/C Do Hoi An- Vietnam

A/C Mahmood Firouzi - Iran

A/C Francisco Frias Carbuccia - Dominican Republic

A/C Nelson Antonio R Arian - Dominican Republic

Students (Front Row - L to R):  2/Lt. Nguyen D. Thi, 2/Lt. Lam V. Son,  Unknown, 2/Lt. Le H. Duc, 2/Lt. Nguyen V. Sau, 1/Lt. Nguyen T. Phuong.   (Back Row: L to R):  2/Lt. Phan T. Nghiep, 2/Lt. Huynh V. Tinh, 1/Lt. Nguyen H. Canh, 2/Lt. Ha V. Hua, 2/Lt. Nguyen V. Hien, 2/Lt. Nguyen D. The, 2/Lt. Nguyen T. Tam, 2/Lt. Nguyen V. Thien, 2/Lt. Nguyen T. Cu, 2/ Lt. Hoang Trong

Instructors (L to R): Walt McAlister, Bob Runyon, Col. Lovell (Squadron Commander), Joe Marcelli, Willie Preciado, Mike Boscia, Kirby Woehst, Ed Fernandes


Front Row (Left to Right):  Per Aas, Norway; Einar Froiland, Norway; Aman Zaman, Iran; Safari Ghapach-Tappeh, Iran; Phan Van Tee, Vietnam; Alvaro Valdivia, Bolivia; Jan Kverneness, Norway

Back Row (Left to Right):  Bjorn Kjoss, Norway; Jan Kjellerod, Norway; Ander Auen, Norway; Pablo Nunez, Paraguay; Oystein Anthonsen, Norway; Said J. Mayboudi, Iran;  Paul Ringheim, Norway; Per Martin Holtung, Norway

Instructors (Left to Right): Bob Elkins, Wally Barden, Perry Sholer, Lee Richmond, Fred Butler, Ken Sobzack, Unknown, Jim Baker, Unknown, Dave Murray


The Transition Pilot Training Course (Course Number: F-V5D-C) were formerly supported only for the South VNAF pilot officers who graduated from the Pilot Training School of the South VNAF Air Training Center at Nha Trang.  After flying for a couple of years on small aircraft, such as the Cessna U-17A, L-19 (O-1 “Bird Dog”) or the T-41.  In Class 70-04 TPT, there were 16 officers consisting of fourteen (14) 2nd Lieutenants and two (2) 1st Lieutenants.  After completing their transition training in the T-28, all were assigned to the C-47 Dakota and received further training at England AFB, LA, and then returned to their homeland in March of 1970.

~ CLASS 70-02 ~

CLASS 70-02 GRADUATION PROGRAM:  Courtesy of Vandy Powell