3389th pilot training squadron

keesler air force base, biloxi, mississippi

1967 - 1973

~ CLASS 71-03 ~ 

~ CLASS 71-03 ~

Above:  “B Flight” - Section 1

Right:  Class 71-03 Patch

~ PHOTOS OF CLASS 71-03 -  Courtesy of Khiem Pham ~

~ CLASSES - 1971 ~

~ CLASS 71-01 ~

~ CLASS 71-02 ~

Left:  Class 71-02 Patch

~ CLASS 71-04 ~

CLASS 71-04

Left:  “K” Flight Patch

Below: “K” Flight Section 1

~ Class 71-04 ~

“Soon To Graduate”

Lt. Mihn (F-5); Lt. Duong (A-37); Lt. Tuat (A-1); Lt. Xuan (A-1); Lt. Do (A-1) KIA; Lt. Hien (F-5) Deceased.

Note:  The Class Graduation poster in the background.

Above:  Graduates of Class 71-04 in front of their A-1. 

Below:  Graduates of Class 71-04 (“C” and “K” Flights) in front of their A-1.  Note those KIA, MIA or deceased in a communist concentration camp.

~ PHOTOS OF CLASS 71-04, “K” Flight and “K Flight Graduates with A-1’s - Courtesy of Hai Trong Pham ~

~ CLASS 71-07 (?) ~

~ CLASS 71-08 ~

~ PHOTO OF CLASS 71-07 (?) - Courtesy of Tim McKeown ~

~ CLASS 71-06 ~

~ Graduating Students of Class 71-06 ~

Front Row (Kneeling - Left to Right): Unknown, Lt. Luong Thanh Long, Unknown (Guatemala), Unknown, Unknown, Lt. Thach, A/C Phan Huy Bach

Middle Row (Standing - Left to Right): A/C Duc, Unknown, A/C Dinh Dong Ky, Lt. Tran Cung, Lt. Son, Lt. Nguyen Van Dung, Lt. Nhu, Unknown, Lt. Khuu Hai Son, A/C Habib (Afghanistan)

Back Row (Standing - Left to Right): Lt. Thuan, Lt. Y, A/C Hac, Unknown, Lt. Sau, Unknown, A/C Pham Thanh Linh, Lt. Trai, Unknown (Laos), Lt. Dai

~ CLASS 71-06 PATCH ~

Instructors (Left to Right):  Joe Mastascusa, Gary Wiley, John Scott, Bill Barney, Dean Todd, Major Treadway

Instructors (Left to Right):  Tony Jason, Walt Linne, Bob Dunbar, Al Smith, Tom Swanson, Chic Lang

PHOTO (ABOVE & BELOW): Courtesy of Xuan Minh Pham

PHOTO (ABOVE): Courtesy of Xuan Minh Pham

Lt. Pham Minh Xuan of Class 71-04 flew A-1’s and then Harriers with the United States Marine Corps.  (Note the two photos above and the one below were saved by his parents when they escaped from South Vietnam by sea.  (PHOTOS:  Courtesy of Pham Minh Xuan)

~ CLASS 71-05 ~

Above:  Class 71-08 Patch

Above:  Nguyen Ngoc Binh in T-41 at Randolph AFB, TX.

Right:  Binh during his T-28A training at Keesler AFB .

Left:  Nguyen Ngoc Binh on Graduation Night at Keesler AFB.

Above:  Binh after his  UPT Graduation from the 3389th PTS before leaving for A-37B Dragon training.

Graduates of the 3389th PTS - Class 71-05 - A-37B Dragon Fighter Pilots

Front Row, L to R:  1/Lt. Phan Van Phi (KIA in 1973), 1/Lt. Nguyen Manh Hung, Capt. Nguyen Van Truong, 1/Lt. Nguyen Dich Bao, Capt. Dinh Van Trang.

Second Row, L to R:  Capt. Nguyen Ngoc Binh, 1/Lt. Nguyen Van Thu, Capt. Nguyen Anh Tuan (KIA in 1975), Capt. Truong Tan Loc.

Class 71-05 - Four Decades Later

There were thirty-four student pilots in Class 71-05 that received their “Wings” on 8 January 1971.  In that group of young men, at least nine went on to upgrade training in the A-37B Dragon and then returned to their homeland to fly and fight.  Others received training in other types of aircraft and they also returned to fly and fight.  Although South Vietnam was unable to overcome the advance of the North Vietnamese Army, it was not because of a lack of effort by these brave men.  In the photograph above, former 3389th PTS Graduates and A-37B Fighter Pilots are named.  It is noted that two of them, 1/Lt. Phan Van Phi and Capt. Nguyen Anh Tuan were killed in action, sacrificing their lives in the defense of their nation and countrymen. 

In 2015, forty-four years after they graduated, it has been reported that all but those two mentioned above survived the war and the communist re-education camps and currently reside in the USA.


Capt. Nguyen Ngoc Binh standing beside his F-5A Freedom Fighter at Bien Hoa AFB in 1973.  Capt Nguyen Ngoc Binh completed over 2,000 combat missions.  He resides in the USA today.

Class 71-08 - “B” Flight

Instructors (Back Row, L to R):  Capt. Don Smith, Capt. Carl Kanabe, Capt. Major Treadway,

Capt. Rick Urban, Capt. Jerry House, Maj. Sam Smith


Graduation Celebration

L to R:  Lien Nghe, Capt. Don Long, Classmates in Class 71-08